Janet Reachfar and Chickabird

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Juli 2002



An Easter surprise for all the Reachfar folk in this third story about a little girl growing up on a remote Highland farm with her dog, Fly, her sometimes fierce grandmother, Herself, and her special friends, the farmhands, George and Tom.


JANE DUNCAN lived on the Black Isle and was at one time one of Scotland's most popular authors. The Janet Reachfar books take characters and settings first encountered in her novel, My Friends the Miss Boyds, and are still going strong eighteen books later. MAIRI HEDDERWICK is one of Scotland's best known and best loved illustrators and authors. From Katie Morag to her adult titles, Eye on the Hebrides, Highland Journey and Sea Change, she is perennially popular with all ages. She has recently moved to Jemimaville in Ross and Cromarty, close to a cottage once lived in by Jane Duncan.


'... will appreciate how the wisdom of the Reachfar grandmother and Janet's sense and spirit have transferred to this picture/ story book which tells how the child ventures beyond bounds for the sake of a snowbound sheep and lamb. Mairi Hedderwick's delicately tinted Scottish hill scenes and interiors show with equal skill, weather, action and personality.'
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