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Royd is convinced that his friend, Gark, has everything. He's just got a space pod and he's allowed to go to Mars whenever he likes. Royd tries to keep his Green Eyed Monster under control, but at Gark's amazing birthday party, there's a booster bouncer, a magician from Mars, a dragon to light his birthday candles, and all the kids get to whirl around the rings of Saturn. Royd gets so jealous that his G.E.M. gobbles him right up!
Can Gark help him realize that having things isn't everything?


Jane Clarke is a talented new writer and the author of Only Tadpoles Have Tails and Sherman Swaps Shells, both in the Flying Foxes series and Dino Dog, published by Corgi Pups. She was shortlisted for the Fidler Award in 1998. Jane has also written Colbert the Great (Simon & Schuster). Smoky Dragons (Little Tiger Press), Plodney Creeper, Supersloth (Egmont, 'Blue Bananas series'), as well as numerous poems published in collections. Jane moved to a village in Kent last summer and she and her dogs are having fun exploring the countryside and making new friends. She enjoys helping out at the local Primary School and visiting schools all over the UK and Benelux. Garry Parsons studied Fine Art at Brighton College and after that he went on to study Illustration. He is a talented new illustrator, whose work has captured the imaginations of children all over the UK. Billy's Bucket won the 2004 Children's Book Award.


"I particularly like the fashion style of Dad's yellow boots, and the picture of the children whizzing around Saturn's rings as a birthday party game" -- Alison Boyle Nursery World "Reminiscent of those cute Sixties cartoons set in space, full of suburban families and high-tech gadgets" -- Georgia Metcalfe Daily Mail "G.E.M. has real personality and 'hands on hips' attitude" -- Rosemary Hetherington Inis "The best book on jealousy we've come across" My Child
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