Disability Politics; Understanding Our Past, Changing Our Future

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Juli 1996



This powerful book presents a series of perspectives on the process of self-organisation of disabled people which has taken place over the last thirty years. The 1980s saw a transformation in our understanding of the nature of disability, and consequently the kinds of policies and services necessary to ensure the full economic and social integration of disabled people. At the heart of this transformation has been the rise in the number of organisations controlled and run by disabled people themselves. Through a series of interviews with disabled people who have been centrally involved in the rise of the disability movement, the authors present a new collective history which throws light on the politics of the 1980s, and offers insights into future political developments in the 1990s and on into the twenty-first century.


Foreward by Dr. Colin Barnes, Introduction, Chapter 1. Setting the Scene, Chapter 2. Politics, Policy and Disability, Chapter 3. Disability Organisations and the Political Process, Chapter 4. The Rise of the Disability Movement, Chapter 5. Organising Disabled People, Chapter 6. Disability Conscious, Chapter 7. Making Connections Through Rights and Empowerment, Chapter 8. New Visions or the Existing Order, Chapter 9. The Disability Movement - is it a New Social Movement?, Chapter 10. Interviews with Mike Oliver and Jane Campbell
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