The Winter Without Milk: Stories

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Juni 2003



Avrich explores the perils of desire in these 15 brilliant stories. Here are characters irresistibly attracted to excess--material, emotional, spiritual--who must in the end choose between a life of self-indulgence and a life of self-control.


"Avrich's sentances are acute and piercing, giving these stories a striking delicacy and a confidence that is impossible to ignore." The New York Times Book Review
"Deftly written...[Avrich] balances skillfully between the fantastical and the real...keeps readers on the edge of their seats." The Washington Post
"Rich, wonderfully origianl writing...Highly descriptive, epigrammatic prose, literary allusions, and folkloric references offer complex, rewarding reading." Booklist, ALA
"Playful inventiveness and a fluid prose style...Stories astonish as much as they entertain." Kirkus Reviews, Starred
"Exceptional...Full of telling details, wickedly so...lives up to the promise of it's elegantly odd title...Distinctive." NPR - "Fresh Air"
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