The Winter of the Lions

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November 2012



Every year since the tragic death of his wife, Detective Kimmo Joentaa has prepared for the isolation of Christmas with a glass of milk and a bottle of vodka to arm himself against the harsh Finnish winter. But his year events take an unexpected turn when two men - one of whom is Joentaa's colleague - are found murdered. When it becomes clear that both victims had recently been guests on Finland's most famous talk show, Joentaa must use his unusual gift for psychological insight to delve deep inside the mind of the criminal he pursues.


JAN COSTIN WAGNER was born in 1972 in Langen/Hesse near Frankfurt. After studying German language, literature and history at Frankfurt University, he went on to work as a journalist and freelance writer. He divides his time between Germany and Finland (the home country of his wife). His first crime novel featuring Detective Kimmo Joentaa was Ice Moon (2006) and Silence (2010) is the second in the series. Silence won the 2008 German Crime Prize.


"Excellent ... Wagner's terse style is as crisply delineated as the figures he describes in the blank Finnish landscape. Snow-noir of the highest order" Financial Times "Many authors claim to be influenced by Raymond Chandler but Jan Costin Wagner's work actually shows the master's touch" Globe and Mail "Wagner is excellent at letting us peer into the abyss of grief powering this story and the build of its finale has you flicking anxiously through the pages" Metro "Ethereal...a haunting book" -- Maxine Clarke Eurocrime "With its neatly drawn Finnish settings this tale is unshowy but very good" Mail on Sunday 20111018
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