A History of the Maghrib in the Islamic Period

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Dezember 1987



A new history of North Africa within the Islamic period from the Arab conquest to the present.


1. Introduction; 2. The call of the minaret in the 'West': the establishment of Islam in the Maghrib and Spain; 3. The Maghrib under Berber dynasties; 4. Ottoman rule in the Central and Eastern Maghrib; 5. Morocco consolidates her national identity, 1510-1822; 6. The age of aggressive European colonialism, 1830-1914; 7. 1919 to independence; 8. Epilogue: the Maghrib after independence; Bibliography; Index.


"In general, it is appropriate to regard A History of the Maghrib in the Islamic Period as the best overview of its subject presently avaiable in English." International Journal of Middle Eastern Studies "This book remains the best study of North Africa in that it remains the only major detailed work on the subject. Its value is immediate for both students of African History and Middle Eastern Studies." A.J. Abraham, Journal of Third World Studies
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