Critical Approaches to Ageing and Later Life

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August 1997



* How are individuals and society ageing towards the end of the twentieth century?
* How can different disciplines help us to understand the ageing process?
* What are the key developments in postmodern thought and critical studies in relation to ageing and later life?

In answer to these questions, the editors of this volume have brought together some of the leading figures in the field. Gathered together for the first time in a single volume, the authors discuss the latest theoretical developments in the international field of ageing. Drawing on research from the USA and UK, the book is strongly multi-disciplinary in content with chapters from both social sciences and humanities. The book provides a critical approach to our understanding of the experience of ageing and later life. It has been written for advanced students of gerontology and those with an interest in ageing and later life, but it is also relevant to policy makers and practitioners in the field.

Key features:
* First time work from the USA and UK has been available in one volume
* Wide coverage of the latest trends and theoretical approaches in gerontology
* Issues addressed from a range of disciplines - unusual combination of humanities and social science in one volume
* Written by leading experts in the field


Part I: Reflections on gerontology
Talking about age
the theoretical basis of social gerontology
Critical gerontology
From minorities to majorities
perspectives on culture, ethnicity and ageing in British gerontology
The uses of literature in the study of older people
Historical research into ageing
old age and the aged
Recalling life
analytical issues in the use of 'memories'
Part II: Conceptualising age relations and later life
Inter-generational relationships
an autobiographical perspective
Spatiality and age relations
Representations of old age in painting and photography
Citizenship theory and old age
from social rights to surveillance older people
Illustrating care
images of care relationships with older people
Figuring identities
older people, medicine and time
Constructing later life, constructing the body
some thoughts from feminist theory
Part III: Concluding observations
Concepts and theories in social gerontology

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