Managing Water as an Economic Resource

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Water, already a scarce resource, is treated as though it were plentiful and free. The task of supplying enough water of the required quality to growing populations is straining authorities and governments to the limit as the economic and environmental costs of new supply sources escalate and wasteful supply, delivery and consumption systems persist.
Managing Water as an Economic Resource argues that the root of the crisis is the failure of suppliers and consumers to treat water as a scarce commodity with an economic value. James Winpenny evaluates policies for the improved management of existing demand, and draws on case studies from different countries as he discusses how policies could be implemented to treat water as an economic good conferring major economic, financial and environmental benefits.


Preface 1. The Water Problem: Symptoms, Causes and Consequences 2. Tackling the Problem: Lines of Approach 3. Constructing the Policy Mix 4. Comparing the Options 5. Conclusions: the Urgency of Reform
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