An Everyday God

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A long-awaited reissue of James Taylor's bestselling, timeless classic, An Everyday God. Taylor is a master at finding God in the stuff of ordinary life. He teaches the way Jesus taught - by telling stories about everyday things: an old song remembered from years ago, an arthritic pet cat, a lost contact lens. Along the way, he opens our eyes, ears, minds, and hearts, to the discovery that God is not only present in religious ceremonies, but in everything we do, whether we're studying the universe or diapering a baby, taking out the garbage or playing touch football. At any time, God may be telling us something new, or helping us to understand something old. The first book in Taylor's "Everyday" trilogy, An Everyday God remains a rewarding guide to spiritual growth.


Preface; When God Got Lost; Glimpses of Glory; Seeing the Whole Story; Insights From Yesterday; Clues From Today; Towards an Everyday God; Index of Seasons and Themes.
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Untertitel: Insights from the Ordinary. illustrations. Sprache: Englisch.
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