Queen of the Hustle

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Juli 2007



Twenty-one-year-old Colleen Perkins wants nothing more than to move out of the 'hood in Newark, New Jersey, and start a new life with her drug-dealing boyfriend, Daryl, in Atlanta. But when Daryl is murdered in a drive-by shooting, her life spirals out of control. Grief-stricken and penniless, she starts working nights as an exotic dancer but still dreams of owning a home in Georgia. Colleen begins dating a well-known drug dealer named Big L, determined to use him to get to his money. Big L is infatuated with her, and Colleen plays a dangerous game with his emotions. But as she plunges deeper into the murky world of drugs, money, and lust, Colleen's dream of escaping her dark existence falls further out of reach. Trouble brews when one of Big L's crew digs up information about Colleen's sordid past that threatens her relationship with Big L-and her dreams of happiness. With her survival at stake, Colleen must make some tough choices before it's too late.

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