Northern Renaissance Art

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September 2004



The only comprehensive volume available for the study of Northern Renaissance Art, this paperback presents stylistic and iconographical themes, art historical scholarship, and valuable analyses for today's learners. Its coverage and color capture the authors' lasting excitement for the period and its artists. A three-part organization covers international currents in the Fourteen Century, Fifteenth-Century Innovations, and Renaissance and Reformation in the Sixteenth Century. For a complete understanding of Northern Renaissance Art--its geography, patronage, and audience expectations.


I. INTERNATIONAL CURRENTS IN THE FOURTEENTH CENTURY. 1. Bohemia. 2. The Valois Court and the Low Countries. 3. Germany. II. FIFTEENTH-CENTURY INNOVATIONS. 4. The Rhineland. 5. Jan van Eyck. 6. Robert Campin and Rogier van der Weyden. 7. Flanders at Midcentury. 8. Ghent. 9. The Northern Netherlands. 10. Bruges. 11. French Art. 12. German Art of the Later Fifteenth Century. III. RENAISSANCE AND REFORMATION IN THE SIXTEENTH CENTURY. 13. Albrecht Durer. 14. Responses to Albrecht Durer. 15. Augsburg and Basel. Excursus: Visitors to England. 16. Hieronymus Bosch. 17. The Northern Netherlands. 18. Antwerp. 19. Flemish Renaissance Courts. 20. Later Trends in Antwerp. 21. Netherlandish Renaissance. 22. Pieter Bruegel the Elder.
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