Jerzy Grotowski

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Written by two theatre professionals who worked intimately with Grotowski over the last twenty-five years of his life, this book fills a gap in the published writings about this master director and teacher. In this book, the writers demonstrate Grotowski 's significance and how his frank rhetoric, his revolutionary theories, his landmark productions, and pioneering cultural projects continue to cause controversy and provide fertile topics for discussion and further experimentation in theatre studios, classrooms, and on stages around the world. The book introduces Grotowski to a new generation of theatre students, outlining his contributions to twentieth century performance and placing them in context and in perspective.


List of Figures. Acknowledgements. 1. Biography and Context 2. Grotowski's Key Writings 3. Grotowski as Director 4. Practical Exercises. Afterword. Bibliography. Index


James Slowiak is Professor of Theatre at The University of Akron and co-artistic director of New World Performance Laboratory. He assisted Jerzy Grotowski in the Objective Drama Program at the University of California-Irvine and in Italy. He has directed numerous performances and conducts workshops throughout the world. Jairo Cuesta is a Colombian actor/teacher and co-artistic director of New World Performance Laboratory. He collaborated with Jerzy Grotowski in Theatre of Sources and the Objective Drama Program from 1976-1986. He has taught at several distinguished universities and conducts workshops in "Performance Ecology" around the world.
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