Ultimate Telecommunications Security Survey

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This book will help the reader reveal vulnerabilities and identify critical areas by aiding with the time-consuming job of the security survey. The Ultimate Telecommunications Security Survey, with over 1000 questions, will help the security manager by supplying a list of the commonly-asked questions to help identify vulnerabilities.
A bank of all the questions necessary for security managers to write crucial telecommunications security surveys. The most in-depth and comprehensive telecommunications security survey on the market. Helps security professionals identify vulnerabilities.


Fast Acquisition and Tracking System Icons (FATS Icons) Directory Introduction Facility Information Checklist General Telecommunication Issues Telecommunication Investigations Telecommunication Security Education International Practices and Security Fax Machines Encryption Technology Cellular Telephone Security Information Transmission, LANs and WANs Long Distance Calling Cards Private Branch Exchange Systems- General Security Private Branch Exchange Systems- Security Education Internal Telephone Operations- Decreasing Fraud Voice Mail Systems- Set up and Operation Voice Mail Systems- General Security Voice Mail Systems- Security Training/ Education Fraudulent Call Patterns Disaster Recovery Plans Data Center Operation- General Security Issues Database Administration- General Security Issues Data Entry General Facility/Computing Safety Issues Personal Computers Telecommunications Issues Insurance Reciprocal Agreements Appendices


'This books is an excellent reference for the experienced telecommuncations practitioner, the corporate telecommunications manager, and the general security technician' -Secuirty Management, Feb 1996
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