Curriculum Integration K-12: Theory and Practice

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Following the pioneering work of James Beane and Heidi Jacobs, there is growing interest in the area of integrative teaching. Contributors to this edited volume include K-12 principals and teachers, as well as university professors recently involved in the implementation of integrative teaching.


Chapter 1 List of Tables and Figures Chapter 2 Introduction Chapter 3 Acknowledgments Chapter 4 THEORETICAL FRAMEWORK: Curriculum Integration: The Why and How; Are Middle School Educators Ready for Curriculum Integration?; Meeting Standards through Curriculum Integration: A Bridge to the Mainstream Chapter 5 IMPLEMENTATION FRAMEWORK: Reading Across the Curriculum: Supporting the Marginalized Reader; Integrating Technology and the Internet in Middle School classrooms; Thinking Strategically About technology in the Middle School Classroom Chapter 6 IMPLEMENATION STRATEGIES IN MIDDLE AND HIGH SCHOOL GRADES: Freedom through the Lenses of Literature and Social Studies; Integrative Studies: A Teaching Model to Promote Connective Thinking; Integrating the Curriculum: An Example Using "Flowers for A


James S. Etim is Associate Professor and Coordinator of Middle Grades Education at Winston Salem State University. Professor Etim holds a Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Wyoming.


...the book provides a nice compilation of information on curriculum integration while focusing on middle school issues.Summing Up: RECOMMENDED. Graduate students and practitioners. -- C.L. Tannahil, Eastern Connecticut State University CHOICE
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