The Great Western Pictures II

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Juli 1988



Covers some 400 Westerns, from the classics to the bottom of the barrel.


Michael R. Pitts (MA, journalism), a freelance writer, has written many books on entertainment, including Kate Smith: A Bio-Bibliography, Famous Movie Detectives, Horror Film Stars, Hollywood and American History, Hollywood on Record: The Film Stars' Discography, The Bible on Film, and Western Movies. He has published extensively in cinema magazines and writes columns on record collecting for The Big Reel and Classic Images. James Robert Parish, a direct maketing executive, has published 75 books, including The RKO Gals, Hollywood's Great Love Teams, Actors' TV Credits, The Elvis Presley Scrapbook, Liza!, The Great Movie Series, The MGM Stock Company, Hollywood on Hollywood, and The Funsters.


...especially useful for those in search of information on the lesser-known films. Film Review Annual ...useful... Weekly Variety ...a quality production that the fans of Western films as well as students of this form of the motion picture entertainment will find interesting. Leon Smith, Movie Collector's World excellent source book for western fans and movie historians...a very beautiful book...outstanding example of the correct way to print still photos. Grady Franklin, Indianapolis News ...excellent...Libraries that own Parish and Pitts's earlier compilation should acquire this one. T. Samore, Chooice
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