The Two Worlds: Two Giants Novel

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August 2007



This volume contains two installments of the popular Giants series by "New York Times" bestselling author Hogan. Includes "Giants Star" and "Entoverse."


"New York Times" best-selling author James P. Hogan was born in London in 1941 and studied general engineering at the Royal Aircraft Establishment, Farnborough, subsequently specializing in electronics and digital systems. His first novel, "Inherit the Stars," which was also the first in his Giants series, was hailed as a major science fiction novel in the grand tradition, combining accurate cutting-edge science with living, breathing characters. Isaac Asimov raved that the novel was Pure science fiction, and added Arthur Clarke, move over. In 1979 Hogan became a full-time writer, and the electronics field s loss is every science fiction reader s gain. He now divides his time between Ireland and Florida.
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