The Rose Man of Sing Sing: A True Tale of Life, Murder, and Redemption in the Age of Yellow Journalism

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Oktober 2005



Notorious city editor-tyrant of Pulitzer's New York Evening World, Charles E. Chapin was the greatest newspaperman of his day. In 1918, at the pinnacle of fame, Chapin, sunk in depression, took not his own life, but shot and killed his beloved wife. After his trial--and one hell of a story for the World's competitors--he was sentenced to life in Sing Sing Prison. Set in the most thrilling epoch of American journalism, this story tracks Chapin's rise from legendary street reporter to celebrity powerbroker in media-mad New York, a human tragedy played out in sensational stories of tabloids and broadsheets. The first portrait of a founding figure of modern American journalism and a vibrant chronicle of scoops and scandals, The Rose Man of Sing Sing is also a hidden history of New York at its most colorful.


JAMES MCGRATH MORRIS, a former journalist, historian, and teacher, is the author of Jailhouse Journalism: the Fourth Estate Behind Bars. He is currently working on a biography of Joseph Pulitzer and lives in Falls Church, Virginia.


"One of the Best Books of 2004" - Washington Post Book World "By the climax, the most brilliant city editor of that lurid era has become a bloody monster in his own tabloid. And then, lo, he is one of the redeemed. Reversal of fortune is a damned good story in any era." - Shelby Coffey, Washington Post Book World "Chapin was quite a character, and Mr. Morris describes him with verve and an eye for colorful detail (not to mention occasionally breathlessness) that match the rip-roaring tabloid era he lived in." - New York Times "A fascinating story compellingly told.... With this scrupulously researched book, Mr. Morris rescues an engaging character from historical oblivion and opens a window onto a raucous, roiling epoch that played itself out in 22-point type." - New York Observer "Chapin's story is engagingly told by James McGrath Morris." - Wall Street Journal "James McGrath Morris's well-researched narrative has the pace and detail of an engrossing historical novel." - Boston Herald "Reads like a true-crime page-turner... an engrossing book." - Library Journal "James McGrath Morris has produced an evenhanded, even somewhat affectionate, biography of one of journalism's most colorful and complex characters." - American Journalism Review"
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