Physical Properties of Polymers

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This thoroughly revised and updated third edition is written by seven well-known authorities in the polymer science community. Each author contributes a chapter which reflects his own interests and expertise in the physical states and associated properties of polymers. Second Edition published by the American Chemical Society Hb (1993): 0-841-22505-2


1. The rubber elastic state; 2. The glassy state and the glass transition; 3. Viscoelasticity and flow in polymer melts and concentrated solutions; 4. The crystalline state; 5. The mesomorphic state; 6. Spectroscopic characterization of polymers; 7. Scattering techniques.


Reviews of the second edition: 'The authors are all acknowledged experts in their fields within polymer science and their accounts are authoritative, thorough and clearly written. My overall impression is that this book will be of great value to research workers old and new in polymer science and to post-graduate students studying polymer science as part of their further degree.' Journal of Materials Chemistry 'This second edition is highly recommended as a textbook at the graduate or advanced undergraduate level.' Polymer News 'All in all, it is an excellent book and I strongly recommend it to academic and industrial researchers who want a knowledege of polymer properties ... Those who like me missed the first edition should not miss this second edition.' Chemistry in Britain 'As a modern introduction on a fundamental level, this text is superb ... In addition to its obvious use as an introductory level textbook, this book is recommended to those seeking a broad, authoritative reference source.' Rubber Chemistry Technology 'The book should appeal to both novices and experienced polymer scientists alike, as it contains general introductory material and also comprehensive literature citations ... A useful and well-researched book.' Chemistry & Industry
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