The Weird and Wonderful World of Mathematical Mysteries

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Oktober 2003



When you read little know secrets about ordinary people like Einstein, Descartes, and Newton who became famous, you will wish that you could go back to school to study science and mathematics. Inspirational stories that will be enjoyed by everyone.

As a bonus: The author reveals the Solution to a 2,000 year old mathematical mystery that baffled everyone including Euclid, author of Elements, the second best-selling book in history. Explained in plain English.

The author, Dr. James J. Asher, is best known worldwide by language instructors for TPR (the Total Physical Response), a powerful linguistic tool developed through 20 years of his meticulous research at San Jose State University, founded in 1857 as the historic first public university in California.

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Untertitel: Conversations with famous scientists and mathematicians. Paperback. Sprache: Englisch.
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