Meanings of the Market

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Focusing on the USA, this text analyzes portrayals of the "Free Market", its values and the people within it, as a way of teasing out its assumptions and contradictions. It also describes extensions and practical applications of the free market model in policy-making in the USA.


Contents: Joel Kahn, Demons, Commodities and the History of Anthropology -- Susan Love Brown, The 'Free Market' as Salvation from Government: The Anarcho-Capitalist View -- James G. Carrier, Mr Smith, Meet Mr Hawken -- Alan Smart, Oriental Despotism and Sugar-Coated Bullets: Representations of the 'Market' in China -- Carol Maclennan, Democracy under the Influence: Cost/Benefit and 'Market' Oversight of Governance -- Malcolm Chapman & Peter J. Buckley, Transaction Cost Economics and Boundaries: The Firm and the 'Market', Economics and Anthropology -- William Roseberry, Conclusion


James G. Carrier


'Carrier offers some intriguing insights into the content of the space between academic model and empirical reality of the 'Market".American Anthropologist'A timely book, not just for anthropologists but for everyone living in the post-Reagan/Thatcher world of market culture... An excellent volume precisely because, in well-written papers with exemplary inter-referenced editing, it eschews ...easy dichotomies.'Anthropological Quarterly'I agree with [William] Roseberry's conclusion that "The value of this book is that it does not respect the historical divide between a socially and culturally embedded non-market economy and a non-social, transaction-based market economy ... The essays in this book clear new ground for critical anthropological work"' American Anthropologist
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