Marxian Political Economy: An Outline

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April 2008



This book combines a lucid exposition of the fundamental categories of Marxian political economy with an interpretive analysis of more advanced capitalist development.


Part I. The Reproduction Schemes: 1. Methodological glasses for the longer view; 2. simple and complex accumulation: the productive consumption of capital; 3. Unproductive consumption: its historical and theoretical relevance; Part II. The Labour Theory of Value: 4. The meaning and measurement of value within the context of the labour theory; 5. Value accounting, prices, and socialist planning; 6. The transformation of values into prices of production; Part III: Relationships Between Prices and Values: 7. Unequal exchange: price-value relations, irregularity, and instability; 8. Accumulation in the advanced capitalism: the nature of the crisis; 9. Marx's first and second approximations to the evolution of class structure; Part IV. The Development of Class Structure and Relationships: 10. Class structure and conflict in the managerial phase I; 11. Class structure and conflict in the managerial phase II; 12. Rotational employment and the transition to socialism.
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