The Testimony of Brother Crist

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August 2009



"Thou Must be a Witness for Me before Many Nations." GOD'S will was given to me with a voice of thunder as I rolled out of bed, December 26th 1978, at 4:30 am. I am a man that Jesus Christ lifted from the pit of sin, changed completely, and made a prophet. I forsook all and went from my carnal wealth to the unsearchable riches in Christ. Some dare to say, "A personally cannot be altered," nothing is further from the truth, they haven't met Jesus Christ! I answer many commonly asked questions about religion, ghosts, demons, reincarnation, denominations, and you will delight in reading my testimonial experiences. I am a nobody that Christ made somebody to Father GOD. Brother Jim Crist One dear Sister in Christ wrote, "I pray that you get your document published because it is a fascinating story about a remarkable man and the grace and the power of my GOD. Thank you for the opportunity to view your story. WOW!"

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