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James Clavell, the son of a Royal Navy family, was educated in Portsmouth before, as a young artillery officer, he was captured by the Japanese at the Fall of Singapore. After the war Clavell worked in the film industry producing a number of successful films including To Sir with Love. He died in 1994.


Packed with action ... gaudy and flamboyant with blood and sin, treachery and conspiracy, sex and murder ... grand entertainment -- New York Times Intensely readable and exciting -- Sunday Telegraph James Clavell is a teller of stories. They are complicated and exciting, and you are desperate to know what will happen to his characters because they are like the people you know from your own life and experience, set in strange and sometimes terrible circumstances -- John Simpson
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Untertitel: The Second Novel of the Asian Saga. 'The Asian Saga'. Sprache: Englisch.
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