The Vanished Kingdom: Travels Through the History of Prussia

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Combining armchair travel, stunning photography, and a keen historical sense, James Charles Roy takes us on a moving journey through the tragic past, present, and, very likely, future of Eastern Europe.


Beginnings: The Teutonic Knights * Old Prussia: Finding the Way * Marienburg: Crusades and the Birth of Prussia * Danzig: Drive to the East * Gruenwald: The Knights Repulsed * Frauenburg: Polish Inroads Consolidation: The Hohenzollern Dynasty * Grosse Werder: The Great Elector * Neudeck: The Soldier-King * Eylau: Napoleonic Disaster Blood and Iron: Bismarck and Wilhelm * Cadinen: Rush for Glory * Tannenberg: The Siamese Twins * Gross Ptzdorf: Weimar Interlude Extinction: World War II * Suwalki: War * The River Memel: Into Russia * Sutthof: Final Solutions * Rastenberg: Madness, Assassination, Honor * Ostpreussen: Along Country Roads * In the West: Survivors


James Charles Roy has been a peripatetic "independent scholar" since 1970, when he left Time Inc. He has written innumerable articles on Irish history and five distinguished books, including The Fields of Athenry and Islands of Storm, a Book-of-the-Month and History Book Club selection. He divides his time between Moyode Castle in County Galway and his home in Newburyport, Massachusetts.
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