Calendars in the Dead Sea Scrolls

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1997 was the 50th anniversary of the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Calendars in the Dead Sea Scrolls explores the evidence about calendars in the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Hebrew Bible and other ancient Jewish texts. James C. VanderKam examines the pertinent texts, their sources and the different uses to which people put calendrical information in the Christian world.Calendars in the Dead Sea Scrolls provides a valuable addition to the Dead Sea Scrolls Series and contributes to the elucidation of the scroll texts themselves and their relation to other Biblical texts.


Table of Contents. Part I:Introduction to Biblical and Post-biblical Calendars. Chapter 1: The Hebrew Bible. A. Some important passages. B. The moon and the sun. C. Three systems for designating months. D. The festivals. E. The Gezer Calendar. F. Some debated issues.Chapter 2: Sources later than the Hebrew Bible. A. Elephantine papyri. B. The Samaria papryi. C. 1Enoch 72-82. D. Sirach E.The Book of Jubilees.Part II. Chapter 1: The first calendrical hints. A. Introduction. B. Calendrical information in the first scrolls and the Damascus Document.Chapter 2: A history of scholarship on the Qumran calendars. A. S. Talman. B. D.Barthelemy. C. A.Jaubert D. J.T.Milik. E. S.Talmon. F. J.Sanders. G. Y.Yadin.Chapter 3: The Calendrical texts. A. Introduction. B. The texts. C. A SundialChapter 4: Measuring and symbolizing longer units of time. A. Evidence from the Hebrew Bible. B. The scrolls.Chapter 4: Conclusion. A. Summary statements. B. A hypothetical sketch of the role of the calendar in Qumran origins. Bibliography.


"Always a model of concision and clarity, VanderKam is true to form here. His discussions of the Cave 4 texts are particularly helpful, especially considering their often complex and tedious character."-Review of Biblical Literature, March 2000
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