The Allyn & Bacon Sourcebook for College Writing Teachers

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November 1999



Designed for college writing teachers who are faced with teaching composition for the first time or re-examining their teaching goals and methods, "The Allyn & Bacon Sourcebook for College Writing Teachers" is a collection of writings on important theories and pedagogies in composition studies. The selections discuss a range of theories and approaches to teaching writing and present readers with a number of options for instruction rather than a single way to teach. Written by some of today's foremost scholars and teachers, the articles range from discussing how to integrate critical thinking and reading into writing instruction to methods for responding to and evaluating student writing to dealing with grammar and editing. For those who teach writing.


* Denotes selections new to this edition. General Theories and Perspectives. Edward P. J. Corbett, Mutual Friends: What Teachers Can Learn from Students and What Students Can Learn from Teachers.
Anne Ruggles Gere, Teaching Writing: The Major Theories.
* Janice M. Lauer, Instructional Practices: Toward an Integration.
* Lee Ann Carroll, Pomo Blues: Stories from First-Year Composition.
* Glynda Hull and Mike Rose, Toward a Social-Cognitive Understanding of Problematic Reading and Writing.
Audience and Peer Groups. * Jack Selzer, More Meanings of â Audience.â
* Kenneth Bruffee, Consensus Groups: A Basic Model of Classroom Collaboration.
Composing and Revising. Patricia Bizzell, Composing Processes: An Overview.
W. Ross Winterowd, Rhetorical Invention.
Ann E. Berthoff, Recognition, Representation, and Revision.
Critical Thinking and Reading in Writing. Charles Bazerman, A Relationship between Reading and Writing: The Conversational Model.
John Peters, Five Ways of Reading a Text.
Margaret Kantz, Helping Students Use Textual Sources Persuasively.
Computers. * Fred Kemp, Computer-Mediated Communication: Making Nets Work for Writing Instruction.
* Ellen Strenski, Online Reading between the Lines: Searching for and Evaluating Internet Information.
Argumentation. Jeanne Fahnestock and Marie Secor, Teaching Argument: A Theory of Types.
* Richard Fulkerson, General Strategies in Argument.
Form and Style. Richard M. Coe, An Apology for Form; or, Who Took the Form Out of the Process?
Betty Bamberg, What Makes a Text Coherent?
Edward P. J. Corbett, Teaching Style.
* Richard Lanham, Where's the Action?
Grammar. Patrick Hartwell, Grammar, Grammars, and the Teaching of Grammar.
Muriel Harris and Katherine E. Rowan, Explaining Grammatical Concepts.
Designing, Responding to, and Evaluating Writing Assignments. Leonard A. Podis and Joanne M. Podis, Improving Our Responses to Student Writing: A Process-Oriented Approach.
* Chris M. Anson, Reflective Reading: Developing Thoughtful Ways to Respond to Students' Writing.
Peter Elbow, Ranking, Evaluating, and Liking: Sorting Out Three Forms of Judgment.
* Marcy Bauman, What Grades Do for Us, and How to Do without Them.
Further Suggested Readings.
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