Selected Poems

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Juli 2005



This will be the first anthology of his selected poems to date.


James Applewhite's books of poetry include "A Diary of Altered Light" (forthcoming), "Quartet for Three Voices" (2002), "Daytime and Starlight" (1997), and "A History of the River "(1993). He has received numerous awards, including the American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters Jean Stein Award in Poetry, the Associated Writing Programs Award in Poetry, and the North Carolina Award in Literature. Applewhite is Professor of English at Duke University, where he has taught since 1972.


"James Applewhite writes of his childhood and later life in rural North Carolina ('places not much in anyone's thoughts') in language whose timeless gravity and sweetness are close to sublime. An essential book."--John Ashbery "James Applewhite has individuated a logical and meditative voice all his own. I cannot think of more than a few living American poets who fuse so remarkably intellect and emotion."--Harold Bloom "James Applewhite and Seamus Heaney are the same kind of talents and Applewhite's Selected Poems suggests accomplishment worthy of comparison. It is rugged and refined, classical in decorum and local in idiom, deep in wisdom and clear as water in freshness. It is a compact, luminous etching of a singular imagination working to get down the way it was and is in this place on the planet."--Dave Smith
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