The Affair of the 39 Cufflinks: An Inspector Wilkins Mystery

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Februar 2006



"But Lavinia, I don't want people staying here," said the Earl. "After the last two house parties, we agreed no more."
"This wouldn't be a house party, George, it's nine guests for one night."
"But the last two times we've had people here it's been disastrous."
"This is quite different. These people are family, not spies and jewel thieves and blackmailers and film stars. And when one occupies an historic house such as Alderley, one cannot shut its doors because of a few unfortunate incidents."

Lord Burford's misgivings were understandable. After all, the "unfortunate incidents" had been murders. Things start to go wrong when one of guests claims she has knowledge that would ruin the others' reputations. Then she is found murdered....

"With a cast that includes an MP, a King's Counsel and his ditzy blonde daughter, a ne'er-do-well nephew and, of course, the butler Merryweather, Anderson has created the perfect group for a delightful romp. And romp they do through a lighthearted tale of family feuds, practical jokes, lies and a myriad of tantalizing clues."
-Publishers Weekly

Praise for The Affair of the Bloodstained Egg Cosy
and The Affair of the Mutilated Mink

"The classic British mystery lives and flourishes. Delightful."
-The New York Times

"[With these two books] Anderson almost single-handedly rekindled an interest in the classic detective story." -The Denver Post

James Anderson lives and writes in a small resort town near Cardiff, Wales. The Affair of the 39 Cufflinks is his third Alderley Mystery.


James Anderson was born in Wiltshire, but his parents, who were Welsh, moved back to Cardiff when he was eight and he has lived in or near that city most of his life, lately in the small seaside resort of Penarth.He took a degree in History at the University of Reading and worked as a salesman, copywriter and freelance journalist before writing his first novel. His interests include cricket and vintage films, and he is a committed Christian. He is so far, though not from any lack of inclination, unmarried.
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