Death and the Afterlife in the New Testament

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November 2006



There is no systematic theology in the New Testament regarding death and aftelife. Therefore, the appropriate question, as it turns out, is not: What does the New Testament say about death and afterlife, but what do various New Testament texts say about it? She explores anthropology, cosmology, eschatology, and, where relevant, theology and Christology.>


Chapter One sets the investigation against a backdrop of options deployed by thinkers and cultures which contributed to the discussion before the New Testament joined it. This includes Ancient Near Eastern, Ancient Jewish, Second Temple Jewish, and Hellenistic materials. The chapter draws upon epitaphs, graves, Roman religions, mystery religions, consolation literature, and Hellenistic philosophy. It addresses particular topics such as anthropology, notions of divine judgment, and the origins of heaven, hell, and Satan.; Chapter two examines the Pauline literature, using 1 Corinthians 15 as a case study. This chapter is often considered the classic statement on Christian afterlife. Chapter three takes up the Gospel of John and compares and contrasts John with Paul's letters. Neither Paul nor John use hell language.; Chapter four is devoted to the gospel of Matthew. Hell language and imagery abounds in Matthew. Matthew's depiction of death and afterlife functions to enjoin ethical behavior, encourage faithfulness, and certify God's character as righteous and just. Chapter five addresses 1 Peter, famous for its supposed depiction of Jesus' "descent into hell" and the subsequent development of the notion of purgatory.; Chapter six summarizes the book's findings and offers concluding comparisons and contrasts among the authors, with consideration paid to their social and cultural millieu.


Jaime Clark-Soles is Assistant Professor of New Testament at Perkins School of Theology, Southern Methodist University, and the author of Scripture Cannot Be Broken: The Social Function of the Use of Scripture in the Fourth Gospel.


"This book is a compendium, relying on the work of many scholars. It has an extensive bibliography, an index of scriptural references, and a detailed general index. It would be valuable for research by preachers and teachers, and for interested laypersons who have been favorably exposed to critical methods. Most of all, it is a source for those asking: where did our ideas about death and the afterlife come from, and what purpose do they serve?" -Eleanor Abarno, Trinity Lutheran Seminary, Winter/Spring 2009
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