Petit Glossaire Pour Servir A L'Intelligence ...

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September 1998



This glossary, published in 1888, is the only work of its kind produced by Decadent and Symbolist writers themselves, and is full of 'definitions' as mystifying as the words they claim to define. It offers both a scholarly and a humorous examination of linguistic innovation and succeeds in showing how literary language remains subtler and more alive than any of the instruments designed to explain it. A parody of a glossary as much as a glossary proper, and produced as a response to critical accusations of obscurity and preciosity, it assembles an extraordinary array of evocative, hermetic, and often bizarre examples of Symbolist and Decadent writing, including luminaries such as Mallarme, Rimbaud, Laforgue and Verlaine as well as such writers as Feneon, Moreas and Rene Ghil.This is a volume in the series Textes litteraries/Exeter French Texts. The text, intorudction and essential notes are all in French.


Frontispice, II; Introduction, V; Bibliographie sommaire, XXXVII; Illustrations (Les Hommes d'Aujourd'hui), XL; Petit Glossaire pour servir a l'intelligence des auteurs decadents et symbolistes; Preface, 3; Abreviations, 5; Petit Glossaire, 7; Erratum, 90; Appendice I: 'La Langue decadente', par Anatole France, 91; Appendice II: Compte rendu du Petit Glossaire, par Felix Feneon, 96.


Patrick McGuinness is Fellow and Tutor in French at Jesus College, Oxford.


"Reliable, pertinent in its comments, this re-edition of Plowert's Petit Glossaire is also welcome in that it facilitates general access to a relatively rare work. An added advantage is its fine introduction which reaches even non-specialised readers." -New Zealand Journal of French Studies, Vol 21, No 1, 2000
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