Tales of the Yanomami: Daily Life in the Venezuelan Forest

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Februar 2004



The Yanomami Indians, living in the depths of the Venezuelan forest, are one of the most interesting of the world's tribal peoples. Jacques Lizot lived among them for over fifteen years and has written an account which allows them to speak for themselves, in stories told by Yanomami individuals. The tales are revealing in the insights they provide into the Indians' daily experience; their shamanism, magic and sorcery; and conflict and alliance with other villages. The result is a richly evocative and intimate account - illustrated with revealing photographs of the Yanomami's own perceptions of their world - recreating in detail the atmosphere, speech, noises, smells and images of life in the Amazon forest.


Foreword Timothy Asch; Preface to the English edition; Prologue; Part I. The Great Shelter From Day to Day: 1. Ashes and tears; 2. Love stories; 3. Women's lives; Part II. The Magical Powers: 4. The path of the spirits; 5. Spells; 6. Eaters of souls; Part III. War and Alliance: 7. The hunt; 8. The pact; Appendixes.


'... an impressive (and equally disturbing) account of Yanomami life and myth ... Lizot is a poet for the Yanomami.' Redmond O'Hanlon in In Trouble Again '... an outstanding work ... deserves to be widely read, not just by anthropologists but by all who have an interest in understanding tribal societies.' Journal of Latin American Studies
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