SAT Vocabulary Express: Word Puzzles Designed to Decode the New SAT

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A fun way to build vocabulary and boost SAT scores
Word puzzles are a proven tool for building vocabulary. They nudge the puzzler gently toward shades of meaning, synonym recognition, contextual interpretation, and making educated guesses--all the mental tricks needed to do well on the SAT verbal section. In "SAT Vocabulary Express, "a top test-prep coach teams up with a leading crossword puzzle author to offer students a fun, effective alternative to standard vocabulary builders.
A unique learning tool for breaking the code in the SAT verbal section, this book features: Dozens of crosswords, anagrams, acrostics, cryptograms, and other fun, skill-building puzzles Brainteasers that stimulate vocabulary mastery Tips and techniques for using the puzzles to pump up vocabularies to unprecedented levels--painlessly!


Jacqueline Byrne is a founding partner of Ivy Educational Associates, a test prep and college application consulting firm. She provides private tutoring for the verbal SAT, the SAT II Writing exam and the AP and SAT II Literature exams.

Michael Ashley's crossword puzzles have appeared in The New York Times, The Washington Post, and The Wall Street Journal He has been a contributor to GAMES Magazine for 25 years.

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