Golden Legend

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In the course of reading these stories, which are arranged according to the order of saints' feasts days throughout the liturgical year, readers happen upon many fascinating cultural and historical topics. At the same time, these stories draw abundantly on Holy Scripture to shed light on the mysteries of the Christian faith.


"Art historians depend on it...Medievalists should know it inside-out... [F]or the rest of us it remains a treasure-house of European culture, crammed full of the things which everyone, once upon a time, used to know."--Noel Malcolm, Sunday Telegraph "[The Golden Legend] came to serve as the literary equivalent of wall-paintings and stained glass... [F]or the translation of the work in its entirety into English we have had to wait 700 years for the energy and learning of a distinguished American academic, William Granger Ryan."--Gerard Irvine, The Times Literary Supplement "A labor of love, as well as a product of great erudition. The translation is a complete, thoughtful, and judicious one."--Thomas Head, The Catholic Historical Review "An unequaled source book for the study of the art and literature of the high Middle Ages... [de Voragine] showed himself to be a narrative artist of the first rank, and in Ryan's fine English version we have a splendid volume that can take its place somewhere between Butler's Lives of the Saints and Aesop's Fables."--George Sim Johnston, The New Criterion "To the labor of Father Ryan, whose stylish translation now affords us the means [to eye Voragine's purpose and method], we owe an enormous debt."--Brian Masters, Literary Review "This new translation by William Granger Ryan ... offers the modern reader a window into popular piety of the High Middle Ages and sharpens the fuzzy recollection most of us have of the stories passed down in the Christian oral tradition of the fantastic feats of ancient and medieval saints."--America
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