Great Streets

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November 1995



'Great Streets' compares hundreds of streets around the world to determine the design and other elements that make some of them great. It contains plans, cross sections, and maps of individual streets and a set of one-square-mile maps of the street plans of 50 cities around the world.


Allan B. Jacobs is Professor of City and Regional Planning at the University of California, Berkeley.


"Jacobs has been working on this classic there"s no other word for it for a decade. Jacobs rightly believes that good cities are made of good streets and that we"re rapidly losing our talent for creating them. He measures and draws many of the worldi'1/2s great streets, from Pittsburgh to Beijing. He describes changes in the street pattern of cities like Boston, where a square mile of downtown contains 100 fewer blocks than it did a century ago... A thoughtful, sane, informed and very personal book, aimed primarily at professionals but readable enough for anyone interested in the subject." Robert Campbell , Boston Globe
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