Isaiah in Talmud and Misrash: A Source Book, Part B

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The Rabbis of classical Judaism, in the first six centuries of the Common Era, commented on the teachings of ancient Israel's prophets and shaped, as much as they were shaped by, prophecy. They commented on much of the Scriptural heritage and they made it their own. This collection of the Rabbinic comments on biblical books makes easily accessible the Rabbinic reading of the prophetic heritage and opens the way to the study of how normative Judaism responded to the challenge of the prophetic writings.


Part 1 Preface Part B Chapter 2 Isaiah in Esther Rabbah I, Ruth Rabbah, Song of Songs Rabbah, Lamentations Rabbah and the Fathers According to Rabbi Nathan Chapter 3 Isaiah in Bavli Part 4 Index to Parts A and B Part 5 Preface Part A Chapter 6 Isaiah in the Mishnah, Tractate Abot, and the Tosefta Chapter 7 Isaiah in Sifra, the Two Sifres and Mekhilta Attributed to R. Ishmael Chapter 8 Isaiah in the Yerushalmi Chapter 9 Isaiah in Genesis Rabbah, Leviticus Rabbah, and Pesiqta DeRab Kahan


Jacob Neusner is Distinguished Service Professor of the History and Theology of Judaism at Bard College, Annandale-on-the-Hudson, New York, life member of Clare Hall, Cambridge University, and Member of the Institute of Advanced Study, Princeton, NJ.


A very useful source for any study of the reception history of the book of Isaiah in Jewish traditionnnnn Spring 2009 A very useful source for any study of the reception history of the book of Isaiah in Jewish tradition Spring 2009
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