How to Talk Jewish

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November 1991



Using his hilarious and insightful wit to explain the meaning of every term he covers, Jackie Mason offers a picture window into a world of words that only he could elucidate. From yenta to schtick, Mason gives not only the literal meaning of Yiddish words and phrases, but, as an added attraction, his own interpretive explanation.


Jackie Mason studied to become a rabbi like all other male members of his family. He opted for the stage, and is now star of screen, Broadway, network and cable television, accumulating awards wherever he performs. He has been seen in "The World According to Me, Jackie Mason Brand New, "and is also the author of his autobiography, "Jackie Oy! "Ira Berkow writes for "The New York Times "and is author of numerous books.


"Such a deal!" --"The Boston Globe"
"A brilliant Broadway star." --Joe Cates, producer
"If the lecturers all start talking like me, the English language will be wiped out." --Jackie Mason on the inauguration of the Jackie Mason Lectureship in Contemporary Judiasm at Oxford University
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