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Is news primarily for information or entertainment? Can reporting ever be "objective?" What are the conflicting interests at work behind choosing what gets covered in the news, and how? Addressing these issues with examples across a range of media including print, radio, television and the internet, Jackie Harrison explains the different theoretical approaches that have been used to study news, as well as providing an accessible introduction to how news is produced and regulated, what counts as news, and how it is selected and presented. Written in a clear and lively style, "News" is the ideal introductory book for students of media, communication, and journalism. Topics covered include:

* Introduction to the concept of news

* the growth and development of news

* technology, concentration and competition

* balancing freedom and responsibility

* regulatory control of the news

* making the news.


Introduction: The Concept of News - Assumptions and Analysis 1. Views about News: Common Sense, Practitioner and Academic 2. From Ballads to Broadcasting: The Historical Growth and Development of News 3. The Modern News Ecology: Technology, Regulation, Concentration and Competition 4. News and Society 5. News Practice 6. News: Character and Audience 7. Possibilities and Problems: Trends in the Future of News
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