The Humanoids

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Januar 1996



A classic science fiction novel features humanoids spreading throughout the galaxy, threatening to stifle all human endeavor, and the hidden group of rebels who try to stem the humanoid tide, if it is not already too late.


Jack Williamson published his first short story in 1928, and he's been producing entertaining, thought-provoking science fiction ever since. The second person named Grand Master by the Science Fiction Writers of America--the first was Robert A. Heinlein--Williamson has always been in the forefront of the field, being the first to write fiction about genetic engineering (he invented the term), anti-matter, and other cutting-edge science. A renaissance man, Williamson is a master of fantasy and horror as well as science fiction. He lives in Portales, New Mexico.


"Without doubt one of the most important science-fantasy books of its decade."--Damon Knight
"Williamson's best novel, a classic dystopia and the single best work on robot[s]...outside of the world of Isaac Asimov."--"Twentieth-Century Science Fiction Writers "
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