Applied Mass Communication Theory: A Guide for Media Practitioners

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"Applied Mass Communication Theory: A Guide for Media Practitioners" bridges a review of theory to the contemporary work of media professionals. The book is organized into three units. The first, "Mass Communication Theory and Research," provides a framework for constructing an undergraduate research project, which is often required for upper-level mass communication courses. The second, "Mass Communication Theories," presents vital chronological information on the progression of theory in mass communication, including a model that integrates mass communication theories and shows how they relate to one another. Finally, Unit 3, "Bridge to the Real World," provides information on media law, ethics, economics and mass media careers, effectively establishing a critical framework for students as they leave college and begin their first job.


Unit 1: Theory and ResearchCh. 1 â Theory and the Study of CommunicationCh. 2 â Research Principles and PracticesCh. 3 â Research MethodsCh. 4 â The Research Project Unit 2: Mass Communication TheoriesCh. 5 â Historical Developments: Emergence of the Transmission/Direct Effects and Limited Effects ParadigmsCh. 6 â The Individual Perspective on Mass Communication TheoryCh. 7 â The Sociological Perspective on Mass Communication TheoryCh. 8 â The Alternative Paradigms of Critical and Cultural Studies Unit 3: Bridge to the Real WorldCh. 9 â Media LawCh. 10 â Media EthicsCh. 11 â Media EconomicsCh. 12 â Career Preparation for the Mass MediaCh. 13 â Conclusion
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