Checkpoints: Developing College English Skills

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This concise best—selling worktext provides concise instruction that guides students through the acquisition of the sentence, paragraph, and essay skills they need to be successful in their academic courses. With an emphasis on expressing ideas and presenting information in clear, well&151organized paragraphs and essays, "Checkpoints" effectively integrates instruction on writing and reading skills with grammar coverage throughout.


Preface. 1. The Writing Process. "The Art of Eating Spaghetti" by Russell Baker. Writing as Process. Prewriting: Brainstorming. Writing Assignment: A Job Application Letter. Writing Topic Bank. Spelling Troublemakers. Wordcheck: Definitions. 2. Paragraphs with Topic Sentences. "Lessons Learned During Ramadan" by Ameena El Jandali. Writing Paragraphs With Topic Sentences. Analyzing Paragraphs with Topic Sentences. Prewriting: Keeping a Journal. Writing Assignment: A Paragraph with a Topic Sentence. Writing Topic Bank. Manuscript Preparation. Sentence Sense: Identifying Subjects and Verbs. Finding the Subject: More Tips. Finding the Verb: More Tips. Wordcheck: Pronunciation. 3. Paragraphs With Specific Details. "Nonnie" by Mary E. Mebane. Analysis Writing with Specific Details. Prewriting: Clustering. Writing Assignment: A Portrait of a Person. Writing Topic Bank. Writing Process: Revising the Paper. Sentence Sense: Avoiding Fragments. Joining Sentence Parts. Wordcheck: Spelling. 4. The Description Paragraph. "Selling Off Pieces of Their Bodies" by Joan Ryan. Analyzing Descriptive Writing. Writing Assignment: A Descriptive Paragraph. Writing Process: Writing a Summary. Sentence Sense: Avoiding Clause Fragments. Joining Fragments. Wordcheck: Spelling Compound Words. 5. The Narrative Paragraph. "A Different Drummer" by Jonathan Bailey. Analyzing Narrative Writing. Prewriting: Nonstop Writing. Writing Assignment: A Narrative Paragraph. Writing Topic Bank. Sentence Sense: Avoiding Run-Together Sentences. Wordcheck: Word Origins. 6. The Process Paragraph. "The Jeaning of America-and the World" by Carin C. Quinn. Analyzing Process Writing. Prewriting: Asking How and Why. Writing Assignment: A Process Paragraph. Writing Topic Bank. Sentence Sense: Using Verbs Correctly. Past Participles as Adjectives. Three Verbs to Watch Out For. Verb Endings. Wordcheck: Verb Forms. 7. The Cause and Effect Paragraph. "Road Warriors of the Freeways" by Lonn Johnston. Analyzing Cause and Effect Writing. Writing Assignment: A Cause and Effect Paragraph. Writing Topic Bank. Affect and Effect. Sentence Sense: Making Subjects and Verbs Agree. Wordcheck: Plurals. 8. Example Paragraph. "Reading: Addicted to Luck" by Matea Gold and David Ferrell. Analyzing Writing That Uses Examples. Writing Assignment: An Example Paragraph. Writing Topic Bank. Sentence Sense: Using the Right Pronoun. Pronoun Case Who and Whom. Self Pronouns. Wordcheck: Synonyms. 9. The Comparison Paragraph. "Taking It to the Streets" by David B. Kopel. Analyzing Comparison Writing. Comparison vs. Contrast. Writing Assignment: Comparison Paragraph. Writing Topic Bank. Sentence Sense: Achieving Pronoun Agreement and Clear Reference. Avoiding Sex Bias. Group Noun Antecedents. Clear Pronoun Reference. Wordcheck: Usage Tips. 10. The Definition Paragraph. "Tough on Macho" by Rose Del Castillo Gauilbault. Analyzing Definition Writing: Denotation and Connotation. Writing Assignment: A Definition Paragraph. Writing Topic Bank. Sentence Sense: Using Commas Correctly. Unnecessary Commas. Wordcheck: Biographical Names. 11. The Opinion Paragraph. "Marriage As Poverty Cure" by Ellen Goodman. Analyzing Opinion Writing. Opinions and Facts. Writing Assignment: An Opinion Paragraph. Writing Topic Bank. Diction: Choosing the Right Word. Sentence Sense: Using Other Punctuation Marks. Ending the Sentence. Questions: Direct and Indirect. Using Quotation Marks. Using Quotation Marks with Titles. Apostrophes to Show Possession. Using Semicolons. Using Colons. Using Dashes and Paretheses. Wordcheck: Word Choice. 12. Writing the Essay. "Fatherhood-It Has Its Moments" by Winston F. Wong. Analyzing an Essay. Writing an Essay. Writing Assignment: An Essay. Writing Topic Bank. Sentence Sense: Being Consistent. Consistent Time (Tense) Consistent "Person." Consistent Tone. Wordcheck: Places and Things. 13. The Classification Essay. "Ad It Up, Break It Down" by Phil Sudo. Analyzing an Ad. Analyzing Writing That Uses Classification. Writing Assignment: Classification Essay. Writing Topic Bank. Sentence Sense: Achieving Variety. Sentence Patterns. Building Effective Sentences. Wordcheck: Foreign Words. 14. The Persuasion Essay. "What Should be Done About Drugs?" by the Drug Policy Foundation. Analyzing Persuasion Writing. Writing Assignment: A Persuasion Essay. Writing Topic Bank. Sentence Sense: Solving Sentence Problems. Misplaced Modifiers. Dangling Modifiers. Parallel Construction. Mixed Constructions. Faulty Comparisons. Active vs. Passive Voice. Wordcheck: Abbreviations. 15. An Essay Using Mixed Modes. "Out of the Sweatshop and Into the World" by David Masello. Analyzing An Essay With Mixed Modes. Writing Assignment: An Essay of Life. Writing Topic Bank. Sentence Sense: Adding Polish. Wordiness. Adjectives and Adverbs. Adverbs. Faulty Logic. Wordcheck: Miscellaneous Facts. Writing Resources. Dictionary Overview. Reading in College. Words Often Misused. Spelling Tips and List. Capitals, Numbers, Abbreviations. English as a Second Language. Revising and Editing a Paragraph. Using the Computer and Internet. Using the Computer and the Internet Grammar Terms: The Parts of Speech. Answer Key. Credits. Index.
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