The Portable Jack London

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Alfred Kazin has aptly remarked that "the greatest story Jack London ever wrote was the story he lived". Newsboy, factory "work beast", gang member, hobo, sailor, Klondike argonaut, socialist crusader, war correspondent, utopian farmer, and world-famous adventurer: London is the closest thing America has had to a literary folk hero. His writing itself is concerned with nothing less than the largest questions and the grandest themes: What does it mean to be a human being in the natural world? What debts do human beings owe each other - and to all their fellow creatures? This collection places London, at last, securely within the American literary pantheon. It includes the complete novel The Call of the Wild; such famous stories as "Love of Life", "To Build a Fire", and "All Gold Canyon"; journalism, political writings, literary criticism, and selected letters.

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