Living Right in a World of Woe

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Woe is inevitable when ungodliness is the law of the land. This book will help Christians live in an ungodly world that brings woe upon itself and woe upon Christians for not conforming to it. Helpful guidance is given for understanding this present world and how to overcome it by living like Jesus Christ.

Living right requires seeing the world in the right way from a biblical worldview. Living right in this world of woe requires knowing God's will as He guides us through these perilous times. The history of the world is traced from the biblical origin of the world's culture to how philosophy and science has lead the West away from God. A description of today's Western culture that brings on the woe is presented. Finally, the Sermon on the Mount is used as a guide for being right and doing right in the home and in society as we live right in a world of woe.


Jack Chalk worked as a Certified Public Accountant in the United States for 25 years before being called to full-time Christian missions serving with Globe International Ministries. He, with his wife, Ann, has served in Mexico, Sierra Leone, West Africa, Scotland, and is now pastor of a church plant in Córdoba, Spain. He served as Senior Lecturer and in various administrative positions in a Theological College in Africa that is accredited by the University of Sierra Leone. Making Disciples in Africa resulted from his time as a missionary/educator there. Besides two postgraduate degrees from seminaries in the U.S., he holds a PhD in Religious Studies from the University of South Africa. Author's website:
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