Buoyancy Effects in Fluids

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Dezember 1979



The phenomena treated in this book all depend on the action of gravity on small density differences in a non-rotating fluid. The author gives a connected account of the various motions which can be driven or influenced by buoyancy forces in a stratified fluid, including internal waves, turbulent shear flows and buoyant convection. This excellent introduction to a rapidly developing field, first published in 1973, can be used as the basis of graduate courses in university departments of meteorology, oceanography and various branches of engineering. This edition is reprinted with corrections, and extra references have been added to allow readers to bring themselves up to date on specific topics. Professor Turner is a physicist with a special interest in laboratory modelling of small-scale geophysical processes. An important feature is the superb illustration of the text with many fine photographs of laboratory experiments and natural phenomena.


Preface; 1. Introduction and preliminaries; 2. Linear internal waves; 3. Finite amplitude motions in stably stratified fluids; 4. Instability and the production of turbulence; 5. Turbulent shear flows in a stratified fluid; 6. Buoyant convection from isolated sources; 7. Convection from heated surfaces; 8. Double-diffusive convection; 9. Mixing across density interfaces; 10. Internal mixing processes; Bibliography and author index; Recent publications; Subject index.
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