Recursion Via Pascal

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This book is devoted to recursion in programming, the technique by which the solution to a problem is expressed partly in terms of the solution to a simpler version of the same problem. Ultimately the solution to the simplest version must be given explicitly. In functional programming, recursion has received its full due since it is quite often the only repetitive construct. However, the programming language used here is Pascal and the examples have been chosen accordingly. It makes an interesting contrast with the use of recursion in functional and logic programming. The early chapters consider simple linear recursion using examples such as finding the highest common factor of a pair of numbers, and processing linked lists. Subsequent chapters move up through binary recursion, with examples which include the Towers of Hanoi problem and symbolic differentiation, to general recursion. The book contains well over 100 examples.


Preface; 1. Introduction to recursion; 2. Recursion with linked-linear lists; 3. Recursion with binary trees; 4. Binary recursion without trees; 5. Double recursion, mutual recursion, recursive calls; 6. Recursion with n-ary trees and graphs; 7. Simulating nested loops; 8. The elimination of recursion; Further reading and references; Index of procedures.


' ... a pleasing and useful elementary textbook on recursion. The didactic style and practical orientation of the book should encourage and enable students to master recursion ...' The Times Higher Education Supplement 'The text is well presented and the content highly readable.' Computer Bulletin
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