Entropy and Its Physical Meaning

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August 1996



This text presents a comprehensive approach to entropy, recognizing that it is a concept often misunderstood. Beginning with an historical classical viewpoint, a statistical view then follows to give a more physical picture of entropy.


Part 1 Entropy in thermodynamics: temperature and heat - some historical developments; temperature and heat - a different approach; the first law of thermodynamics; the second law of thermodynamics; entropy - how it is measured and how it is used; entropy in irreversible changes. Part 2 The statistical interpretation of entropy: the statistical approach - a specific example; general ideas and development; the definition of a microstate; temperature and entropy in statistical mechanics; applications to solids; applications to gases - 1 - the classical approximation, 2 - Bose Einstein and Fermi-Dirac gases; fluctuation and Maxwell's demon. Part 3 Entropy at low temperatures: the third law of thermodynamics; low temperatures; the third law of thermodynamics and the unattainability of absolute zero.
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