Foundations of Electric Power

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Dezember 1998



Extracted from the highly successful Foundations of Electrical Engineering by the same author, this work presents the fundamentals of electric power systems for all engineering students. The emphasis falls on the principles and characteristics of electric motors in steady-state and system applications.
The presentation assumes knowledge of basic physics and calculus and is ideal for a one-semester survey of electric power systems for students knowing basic circuit theory. Relevant electrical physics and three-phase circuits are presented. Used with Foundations of Electric Circuits, this book is ideal for a one-semester course in circuits and electric power for all engineers.


1. Electric Power Systems. Three-Phase Power. Power Distribution Systems. Introduction to Electric Motors. 2. The Physical Basis of Electromechanics. Electric Forces and Electric Fields. Magnetic Forces and Magnetic Fields. Dynamic Magnetic Systems. 3. Magnetic Structures and Electrical Transformers. Analysis of Magnetic Structures. Electrical Transformers. Forces in Magnetic Systems. 4. The Synchronous Machine. Flux and Torque in Cylindrical Magnetic Structures. Rotating Magnetic Flux for AC Motors. Synchronous Generator Principles and Characteristics. Characteristics of the Synchronous Motor. 5. Induction Motors. Induction Motor Principles. Equivalent Circuits for Three-Phase Induction Motors. Single-Phase Induction Motors. 6. Direct-Current Motors. Principles of DC Machines. Characteristics of DC Motors. Dynamic Response of DC Motors. 7. Power Electronic Systems. Introduction to Power Electronics. DC Motor Controllers. AC Motor Controllers. Appendix A. Linear Systems.
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