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Juli 1999



Analysis of four Harlem Renaissance texts that challenges our assumptions about the stability of racial identity and investigates the ways those assumptions shape how we have read literature by Black writers.


J. Martin Favor is Assistant Professor of English at Dartmouth College.


"This is as much about the concept of 'authentic blackness' as it is a study of the literary giants of the Harlem Renaissance... What is most unrealistic, in this otherwise perceptive work, is the propensity to underestimate the significance of class."--Race & Class 42(1) "Authentic Blackness marks an advance on current work on the Harlem Renaissance. Favor's examination of how 'race' as a critical concept was destabilized by Harlem Renaissance writers makes an important contribution to our thinking of the period." Theodore O. Mason, Kenyon College. "J. Martin Favor has done the field of African American literary and cultural studies a profound service. His readings of Harlem Renaissance texts challenge our assumptions about racial identity and the ways our assumptions have shaped how we read literature by Black writers." Herman Beavers, University of Pennsylvania
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