Principles of the Theory of Solids

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November 1979



Professor Ziman's classic textbook on the theory of solids was first pulished in 1964. This paperback edition is a reprint of the second edition, which was substantially revised and enlarged in 1972. The value and popularity of this textbook is well attested by reviewers' opinions and by the existence of several foreign language editions, including German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Polish and Russian. The book gives a clear exposition of the elements of the physics of perfect crystalline solids. In discussing the principles, the author aims to give students an appreciation of the conditions which are necessary for the appearance of the various phenomena. A self-contained mathematical account is given of the simplest model that will demonstrate each principle. A grounding in quantum mechanics and knowledge of elementary facts about solids is assumed. This is therefore a textbook for advanced undergraduates and is also appropriate for graduate courses.


1. Periodic structure; 2. Lattice waves; 3. Electron states; 4. Static properties of solids; 5. Electron-electron interaction; 6. Dynamics of electrons; 7. Transport properties; 8. Optical properties; 9. The fermi surface; 10. Magnetism; 11. Superconductivity; Bibliography; Index.


' ... this is an admirable book. Indeed, it scarcely needs my commendation: it is already being widely used as a graduate text on both sides of the Atlantic.' Nature ' ... this book is admirably suited to anyone wishing to learn about the mathematical methods used in the physics of the solid state, who has adequate preparation ... and the book should serve well as a text for a graduate course.' American Journal of Physics 'An outstanding account of the theoretical principles of the physics of perfect crystalline solids.' Choice
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