Visions of the Future: Astronomy and Earth Science

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Juli 2001



Leading young scientists give engaging reviews of their research areas and exciting visions of future developments.


Preface J. M. T. Thompson; Part I. Creation and History of the Universe: 1. Big Bang riddles and their revelations Joao Magueijo and Kim Baskerville; 2. The origin of structure in the universe Jaun Garcia-Bellido; 3. The dark side of the universe Ben Moore; Part II. Exploring the Stars and Planets: 4. The hottest spots in space? Malcolm Gray; 5. Our solar system and beyond in the new millennium Andrew J. Coates; 6. Unveiling the face of the Moon Sarah K. Dunkin and David J. Heather; Part III. Understanding Planet Earth: 7. The Earth's deep interior Lidunka Vocadlo and David Dobson; 8. Three-dimensional imaging of a dynamic Earth Lidia Lonergan and Nicky White; Part IV. Global Warming and Climate Change: 9. Geophysical and astrophysical vortices N. Robb McDonald; 10. Earth's future climate Mark A. Saunders.


'The book coveys the excitement and enthusiasm of the young authors for their work in Astronomy and Earth Science.' Europe & Astronomy '... you can't deny the excitement the writers felt for what they are doing; and in these secular times such excitement must serve to replace the fear of the Lord as the beginning of wisdom.' Sir Brian Pippard, Times Higher Education Supplement '... for those readers who like to get their teeth into something meaty this could be a good investment.' Alan Longstaff, Astronomy Now
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