Introduction to Immunocytochemistry

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Now in its third edition, Introduction to Immunocytochemistry is an essential text for newcomers to the field, and will be a valuable reference for more experienced workers. Extensively expanded and updated, this volume covers both background theory and practical applications, including immunostaining methods using fluorescent, enzyme and gold labels.


1. Introduction 2. Production of Antibodies 3. Preparation of Tissue for Immunocytochemistry 4. Visualising the End-Product of Reaction 5. Non-Specific Staining Due to Tissue Factors 6. Methods 7. Testing Antibodies: Specificity and Essential Controls 8. Increasing Sensitivity and Enhancing Standard Methods 9. Multiple Immunostaining 10. Immunocytochemistry for The Transmission Electron 11. In Vitro Methods for Testing Antigen-Antibody Reactions 12. Applications of Immunocytochemistry


"The small size of this book is misleading. It has a wealth of theoretical and practical information....This book is a classic of immunhostochemistry, with the necessary information to help novices and seasoned individuals explore specific areas. The information presented is clear...This affordable book should be in every laboratory performing immunohistochemistry as well as on the bookshelf of researchers and diagnosticians who rely on this technique." - DR. JOSE RAMOS-VARA, Department of Veterinary Pathobiology, Purdue University. Veterinary Pathology, No.41:5, 2004"
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